The Zero-Waste Solution to Hygiene at the Pump.

Wave Goodbye to Plastic Gloves

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Meet Pump Pal, the only magnetic and reusable fueling glove that stores in your gas tank.

If you're like us and one of the millions of people who hate touching those disgusting fuel pump handles then it's time to upgrade to Pump Pal, the first eco-friendly, reusable and universal fueling glove that stores directly in your fuel door to always remind you that your hands... are in better hands.

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Pump Pal™

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Unlike Jack, Pump Pal will never let go

1,000,000 Different Kinds of Bacteria are on Gas Station Keypads

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Say No to plastic throw away gloves

A message from Chris & Elvis, the two guys who started TopGripGear with dirty hands and a clean vision.

We started TopGripgear over two years ago with a simple goal in mind: Create a way to protect our hands from those disgusting gas pump handles while helping to reduce plastic waste. After two long years of countless trial and errors, 15 prototypes and more sleepless nights than we can count, Pump Pal is finally here and we can't wait to hear what you think.

Let's do our part to reduce plastic pollution

The Sea Turtles Say Thanks!