Never touch a dirty gas pump again.

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Introducing Pump Pal

Your hands are your temple. Live confidently with Pump Pal by giving your hands the love and care they deserve by protecting them when pumping gas. 

Protecting your health and our environment…both go hand in hand

At Top Grip Gear, we believe that cleanliness and caring for our planet can coexist—let's all live life passionately, confidently and fearlessly—we understand that our wellness and our oceans shouldn't be dictated by the choices we make when pumping gas.

We're here to make a change.

  • Over 50,000

    Happy Customers

  • Patent Pending


  • American Owned

    Assembled in the USA!

  • 30-Day

    Money Back

  • Built in magnets

    Pump Pal safely stores in fuel door.

  • One size fits all

    We designed Pump Pal to fit everyone.

  • One hand only

    Pump Pal easily slips on with on hand.

  • Store in fuel door

    So you'll never bring germs in your car.

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Unlike Jack, Pump Pal will never let go

With Pump Pals patent pending utility and design, powerful N52 magnets enable it to hold directly in your fuel door so you never have to come into contact with filthy fuel pump handles

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