3 Pack

Top Grip Gear Pump Pal™ fueling glove covers your hands from the germs associated on fuel pump handles. It is stored directly in your fuel door and offers flexibility and universal sizing. Pump Pal is reusable and washable and offers a durable, sustainable solution that will last!


  Antimicrobial Silicone

Silicones antibacterial adhesion properties prevent the colonization of dangerous and deadly bacteria

  Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in the design and durability of our products so much that we're offering a lifetime promise to you. If we can't back it up we will replace it for FREE!

  Total Hand Protection

Pump pal is designed to cover your entire hand from coming into contact with filthy fuel pump handles while pumping gas

 Slips On With One Hand

To prevent cross contaminationwe engineered a patent pending utility function that enables you to use Pump Pal with only a single hand

  Magnetically Attaches Inside Fuel Door

Pump Pal has built in magnets that hold it in place on the inside of your cars fuel door with our included mounting kit. All you need to do is peel, stick, and click and you're ready to pump! Installation only takes 10 seconds. 

  One Size Fits All

Pump Pal is utilitarian and our patent pending glove was constructed to fit anyone and everyone



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