When we created Pump Pal over three years ago – our vision was to eliminate plastic gloves while protecting our hands from gas pumps.

Keeping Drivers Safe from Dangerous Germs

As much as we like to think that someone is regularly cleaning these devices, this really isn’t the case. The average gas pump is home to over 3,000,000 different kinds of bacteria—and now more than ever, we understand just how risky this can be. To make matters worse, 1,000,000 different kinds of bacteria can be found on gas station keypads around the world too.

Protecting the Planet

In the United States alone, 16.5 million plastic gloves are used by drivers at gas stations every single day. After only a few seconds of use, these gloves are thrown in the trash without a second thought.

The Takeaway

Pump Pal can easily be adhered directly to your vehicle for consistent use in the years ahead. Pump Pal was made to inspire change and provide an easy alternative to the plastic glove use that is impacting our planet for the worse. Offering protection, comfort, and sustainability, Pump Pal is a must-have product that doubles as a great gift too. Help us to make the world a better place while protecting your health at the same time!

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